L0 List of Productions

An Archive of Productions by Moulton Players

This archive displays the 'first fruit' of a project to retrieve and preserve a record of productions put on by Moulton Players since their inception in 1946.  So far, we have reached 1982.  There is further material to show and this will be added as we progress. 

As you look through the archive, you will see some productions where we are missing either programmes or photographs - sometimes both!  If you are able to help fill these gaps we would we keen to talk to you about how you might be able to assist us. Please also let us know of any errors and omissions.

For now, just enjoy the many memories we have been able to retrieve. Just 'click' on the links below and then on any of the images.

"Acknowledgements must go to all those who have contributed, including Cynthia Shaw who helped in the mammoth task of sorting and compiling this chronological record and to David aarons who is doing a great job of making the archive available to everyone on the Internet."
Alice Fletcher

The Early Years - 1946 to 1972

The Barn - 1972 to 2007

Moulton Theatre - 2008 to 2012 (and the "in between" years)

The Moulton Theatre Project

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